Training Workshop -The development of MTEF compatible MDA strategic plans

Training Workshop -The development of MTEF compatible MDA strategic plans

The Ministry of Agriculture has been represented by three participants on a training workshop at MDI and Senegambia Hotel from the 27th to 31st May 2013 and 10th to 13th of June 2013 respectively. The first training was on planning, strategic management and ICT for Planners within Government Sectors; and the second was on the development of MTEF compatible MDA strategic plans. The training was to equip participants with the required knowledge to be able to implement the MTEF activities and programs. Above all it is meant to provide a clear understanding of the MTEF strategic planning and all it requires for its operations.

In the Gambia, the strategic policy priorities are set out in the Program for Accelerated Growth and Employment (PAGE), which sets out the priorities for 2012-2015. The Priority Action Plan (PAP) provides a costing of each of the priority initiatives in the PAGE.

In addition to the PAGE/PAP national level policies are also set in sectoral strategies, attempts to ensure broad consistency with these national policies.

The annual budget should be a clear expression of the manner in which national priorities are to be implemented over the medium term (usually the next three years). It is therefore critically significant to have a process that extracts national priorities (from the above policy documents) that are appropriate to each MDA and determine how these can be implemented within the financial constraints. Once the budget is prepared, it is important that a process is undertaken to monitor and evaluate (M&E) the effectiveness of Government in implementing its priorities.

Strategic Plan Annual update provides a bridge between national and the detail of the budget and is therefore a very important part of the medium term expenditure framework for government.


To recap the gist of the aforementioned, a fundamental principal of MTEF is that it should create a link between the national strategy and policy priorities and the resources allocated to each MDA. It is therefore important that all processes refer to, and are based on the national strategic plan.