The 1st Technical Working Group CountrySTAT Meeting and Training Workshop participants with Mr. Darko (WFP), Ms. Sirra Ndow (UNDP), seated,. Deputy Director Mr. Aba G. Sankareh and Ms. Josephine L. Logronio, CountrySTAT trainor/facilitator.
Musa Huma, Director General of the DOA together with the panel of sponsors from WFP, FAO and UNDP declaring the opening of the Validation of Agricultural Census 2011/2012/
Dr. Amadao Babagana, FAO Rep giving a speech on Agricultural Census during the Validation Workshop at Atlantic Hotel.
Deputy Director Aba G. Sankareh welcoming distinguished guests and participants during the Validation of Agricultural Census 2011/2012 Workshop at Atlantic Hotel in Banjul.
Deputy Director Aba G. Sankareh and Lamin Jarju, M&E Officer during the CILLS Conference
Deputy Director Aba G. Sankareh represented Gambia at the 22nd Session of the African Commission on Agricultural Statistics (AFCAS) at Addis Ababa
Enumerator using GPS to measure the area planted in Lower River Region during National Agricultural Sample Survey (NASS) 2012/2013
NASS 2012/2013 survey forms being prepared for distribution to Enumerators
Ministry of Agriculture Minister Hon. Solomon Owens together with UNDP, FAO and WFP Officials inspected the newly renovated Documentatiion Building of the Planning Services
NASS 2012/2013 Enumerators Workshop at Jenoi
Ms. Josephine L. Logronio, UNV Database Specialst lectures on Database Design and Management during the Agriculture and Natural Resources Focal Staff Training on Database and Data Analysis on 21-29 May 2012
Mr. Odame Simmons lectures on Data Processing to Data Entry Clerks during the Data Processing Training Phase I
A baby was being weighed by an Enumerator during the Rural Finance Project Impact Assessment Survey.
An Enumerator weighing a bag of sorghum during the Agricultural Census 2011/2012.
Mr. Francis Keita, FAO Consultant, training the Market Data Collectors on the Gambia Market Information System (GAMIS) Training.
Enumerator and WFP Consultant inspecting the rice field during the pre-harvest assessment of the Agriculture Census 2011/2012
Farmer being interviewed by an Enumerator at a millet field in Central River Region during the Agricultural Census 2011/2012.


NASS 2012/2013 Enumerators and Supervisors receive Training on Data Collection

The Planning Services held a two days training on National Agricultural Sample Survey (NASS) 2012/2013 at Jenoi from the 18th to 19th July 2012.  60 field supervisors and enumerators participated on data collection training.

 The Regional Director for the Department of Agriculture Mr Fa LaLo Touray gave the opening statement. He informed the gathering of the value attached to Data Collection as a key tool to development. He reiterated that NASS data provides information to local farmers, governments, stakeholders, parastatals, NGOs and other private investors who may want to clear their doubts when they want to project the suitability of a business the need data to forecast the suitability of agricultural enterprising. Mr. Aba Sankareh, PSU Deputy Director, calls for all hand to be on deck for better performance of the Agriculture Sector. He told the participants to take the training and their work seriously. On the other hand, Mr. Yahya Jallow, a national consultant at PSU urged participants to take the training seriously. He stressed that he believes that Enumerator should be knowledgeable, confident and committed in order to perform well. In addition, Supervisors were advised to be accurate and vigilant in their monitoring and supervision of data collection.

Ten motorcycles were bought to assist the field staff in their data collection and in the performance of other duties that may be assigned to them.


author: Francis Mendi

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